Bridge and Reservoir Construction

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Construction of bridges -Our focus here is responding to the impediments imposed by the design parameters of motorways and highways,  to give access previously inaccessible areas or curtain impending disaster to poorly constructed bridges Oleance Civils and Construction has executed a little over bridges 150 bridges a and viaducts, of all types: fixed and tilting bridges, steel, concrete and mixed bridges; bridges of straight section of medium lights or of great lights,, so far in and around South Africa. We determine the Construction of reservoirs and liquid-retaining tanks by: The type (and temperature) of the liquid being stored. The size and shape of the tank. Whether it will be in or above the ground. The type of tank, i.e. open or closed, lined, unlined, and so on. Our open impounding reservoirs are constructed from a range of materials, such as rock, earth, concrete or composites, depending on the reservoir size and earth type. We ensure that all our earthen embankment have a watertight concrete face or a core of clay or concrete.